Selin Sakarcan Mentions The Signs That Indicate That One Must Visit a Podiatrist

There are many people who face issues linked to their feet and ankles, especially after the chilly summer season. Selin Sakarcan mentions that while initial foot discomfort might hamper the well-being of a person to a considerable extent, it does tend to cause a lot of discomfort. People prone to walking for long distances or may participate in certain sporting activities, especially face a lot of issues due to foot discomfort. Hence, rather than ignoring these problems, they must visit a good podiatrist at once.

Foot and ankle problems can arise due to a variety of chronic medical conditions like arthritis or diabetes. However, even certain daily situations like overuse or poorly fitting shoes, can lead to temporary, acute pain. Selin Sakarcan mentions that to get a speedy recovery from such pain and discomfort, one must contact a good podiatrist as soon as possible. They can effectively diagnose and treat a variety of problems associated with the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They may even perform surgery in certain situations.

Here are a few instances marked by Selin Sakarcan, during which one must visit a good podiatrist:

  • Numbness, pain, or swelling in one foot: In certain situations, suffering from sore or swollen feet is pretty normal, such as standing on the feet all day long or after running a 10k race. However, sudden swelling, pain, or numbness in one foot without any apparent reason can be an indication of an underlying condition, and requires a trip to the podiatrist.
  • Nail fungus: The trend of doing nail arts has become quite popular today. However, with the growing popularity of nail salons, the cases of fungal infection on toenails have increased exponentially as well. If these issues are left untreated, then the infection may cause the nails to become thick and discolored, and may also spread to other toenails.
  • Continuous heel pain: High heel pain can be caused due to a number of issues. A podiatrist shall ideally perform a physical assessment and take an x-ray of the reason to determine its root cause, and subsequently develop a treatment plan on the basis of the findings.
  • Sprained or broken ankle or foot: Sprains in the ankle or foot are extremely common, especially for athletes. While most people consider going to the orthopedist in such situations, it is important to note that a podiatrist has more experience treating foot and ankle injuries.
  • A reoccurring case of athlete’s foot: This is one of the common fungal infections present today. It can be ideally treated with ease through certain over-the-counter creams or sprays. However, in case the athlete’s foot keeps coming back, a podiatrist must be consulted. They can prescribe a more effective cream or oral medication and check for possible infection.

In addition to the above-mentioned instances, people having ingrown toenails, bunions, as well as painful corns or calluses should also consult a good podiatrist for proper treatment.